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In most cases, you the client can decide if you wish to pay according to the value of the claim (in this case the RVG (German Lawyers’ Remuneration Law) applies) or according to the amount of work involved.

The cost for an initial consultation is 35 Euro per half hour (including sales tax).

In many cases this is sufficient time to find out if further consultation is required and if I consider the case to be worth persuing. Should you wish, the initial consultation can be extended to one hour for the price of 70 Euro.

Further consultation sessions cost 60 Euro per half hour (including sales tax) for consumers; 90 Euro for companies.

If the sessions are attended with the conflict partner, the costs will be shared as follows:
Initial consultation: 50 Euro per half hour (including sales tax);
Successive sessions: 90 Euro per half hour (inclusive sales tax).

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